Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Possible HFMD

Well after a cranky weekend that I thought was due to teething, Kaitlyn got sent home from daycare early yesterday due to a high fever. (She was fine in the morning) River, a girl at Kaitlyn's daycare, was sick last week with a high fever then broke out into a rash and had to stay home all last week. (first thing I thought was Roseola) Turns out River's older brother, Kevin, had HFMD so it is possible that River had it too, but I was not told anything more than what is stated above. This morning Kaitlyn woke up with a temp of 102 so I decided it was time to take her to the doctor for a quick check. David woke up early to be with her today since I am already taking Thursday and Friday off this week (and I have no time off left to take). He took her to the doctor and told her about River's brother. The doctor thinks that she does have HFMD and that we should be seeing the blisters in the next couple days.
Poor baby!
Kaitlyn will be staying home the entire week as well as David. The reason I took Thursday and Friday off was to study for the CSET exam that I will be taking on Sat. I feel bad about it but I really need to pass one of the sections of the test this time.
All I want to do is be home with my baby.

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