Monday, May 21, 2012

Another great weekend

Saturday morning we walked down to the local park and played for a little while. Nice change of scenery.
Kaitlyn loves climbing up the the tallest slide all by herself then sliding down it. She did that about 20 times in a row, then headed over to the stroller to climb in and out of it about 20 times, then back to the slide a couple more times before we left. The walk to the park is exhausting. I swear it is uphill the entire way there. BUT it sure is nice on the way home going downhill.

Sunday was cleaning day, I got another part of the cleaning done that I started on last weekend. Finished Pledging the wood furniture, vacuumed, and cleaned the stove top. After her nap Kaitlyn and I played in the back yard for quite a long time. It was not really warm enough for it but I ended up filling the water table up so she could play around with it.

All she wanted to do was drink the water and ended up soaking wet. But she did not complain so I let her tromp around soaking wet till about 4pm when we went inside.

We were outside so long I was able to get a small amount of gardening done too.
Overall it was a great weekend if you remove the bouts of crying for 15 to 20 minuets strait over nothing in particular.

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