Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ruff Night

So you read about Kaitlyn having a hard time falling asleep on Saturday night, well last night she had a hard time from about 2am to 4am. She never really screamed just wined every few minuets. It is a hard situation for me, I am never quite sure what I should do. My first instinct is to go in there and cuddle with her but then she just wakes up more and will not go back to sleep or will scream if I try to put her back in her crib. My second instinct is to check her diaper but again we are left with the same situation above. Lastly I think that she might need some Tylenol but again that involves her seeing me and not being able to put her to sleep again. I have tried bringing her to bed with me but that always ends in disaster as well. When I have done that all she does is crawl around the bed, sit up and play with me, or climb up the head board.
In the end I ended up not going in her room at all, I was glued to the video monitor watching her every move; waiting for the moment that I needed to go in there and rescue her. She was not standing up crying or anything and it looked like she was continually trying to go back to sleep.
I wish she could just tell me what is the matter. "Mommy (more like Dada, that is what she likes to call me recently - I have never been called Mom yet) my tummy hurts" or "Mommy my teeth hurt" or even just "Ouch", "Sick", "Dirty". Something to let me know that she really does need me. I know it will happen soon but the guessing sucks. I feel so bad when I don't go in there and help her but I know if she really does not need me it is best to let her figure it out on her own.

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