Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers day

Saturday night Kaitlyn had a hard time falling asleep. She was up and crying till 10pm. I finally came to my senses and gave her some Tylenol at about 9:30pm. I think she was in pain from teething. I forgot how hard it was to deal with an over tired baby but now it is harder since she is not 12lbs... more like 26lbs. I was exhausted after that. The only time she was happy was when I was holding her and rocking her.
Needless to say I was kind of excited to think that she might sleep in on Sunday. That is the only thing I wanted for mothers day, to sleep in.
6:30am rolled around and Kaitlyn was wide awake, ready to start her day.  I guess I did get to sleep in a little since she normally is up at 6am. I was so tired mothers day that I could not function. Poor Kaitlyn was bored and wanted to go outside to play but I could not peel myself from the couch. I even took a nap when she did but woke up even more tired than before.
We headed over to Steven and Christina's house after her nap, she got to play outside with her cousins from 4pm to 7pm so I don't feel as bad about not doing much that morning. Katherine had a case of the "mine"s but that is typical for her age. I love how Christina handles it though, she tells Katherine that the toys belong to mommy, not her. LOL Or the good old "it's broken" and take it away from everybody. Overall the kids played together very well.
I still feel like I am in a fog, my words are not forming properly in my head. I feel like I cannot make any sense no matter how hard I try. I guess I should go to bed and hope that my mind clears up by tomorrow.

Go figure Kaitlyn decided she would sleep in today (Monday), a day that we have to be out the house by 7am!

Oh forgot to mention, I had an OK mothers day.

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