Wednesday, May 23, 2012

typical day at work

All I do all day long is answer questions that have no answer. I hate questions that I cannot answer. I hate making things up that I don't know for sure will happen. Here is a list of some of the questions I get asked multiple times every day:
Purchasing department
Are we on hold with ____?
Can you get po ___ released?
When will we pay ___?
How much credit do we have available with ____?
When will we be off hold with ____?
I need that credit app filled out right away.
Sales Department
How much is our total payroll every month?
Can you give me a break down of the freight for last month?
That report will not work for me can you please put the monthly amounts on one tab?
Can you forward me a copy of my last pay stub?
Can you forward me my W-2 for ___ year?
When will we be off hold with ____?
When are we going to pay _____.
But big boss told them we would pay ____ last week! (which he does quite frequently even though I say I don't think it is a good idea)
We need to pay ____, can you make it happen?
____ wants $100K wired to their account tomorrow. (this is my favorite, especially when we have a negative balance - which is just about every single day).
Can you analyze _________  and get it to me ASAP?
Why are we on hold with _____?
Get us off hold with ____ - top priority!

I get asked the same question at least four times in one day from four different people. First the vendor will call and ask about payment, then purchasing will ask when we are paying that vendor, then sales will ask when we will pay that vendor, then the boss asks if we can pay that vendor or tells me to make it happen. This happens multiple times in one day. Very unproductive and makes me want to pull my hair out of my head while screaming and kicking the walls.

I am stressed to my eyeballs!!

Let me answer all the questions right now at once. We will be off hold with __ when we pay them; we will pay them when we have funds to do so; we are on hold with every vendor until we pay them; our credit line is maxed out with ever vendor as well so pay down in advance is required to release our order, how can I wire somebody when our account is negative!

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