Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bla start to the day

Well today started out crappy. My neck and back have been bothering me for over a week now and this morning was no different there... I got out of bed went strait to the bath room to brush my teeth and wash my face. Kaitlyn decided that she was going to pound on her bedroom door the entire time I did these two things. (David is trying to sleep in the room two feet away... sorry about that). Once I rushed through those things I opened the bedroom door to see my cutie pie smiling at me. I asked her why she banged on the door instead of opening it as she ran by me to get the IPad. IPad is her obsession! I know she can open the door, just last night she opened the bathroom door while David was in there. She randomly opens the bathroom door all the time. Her bedroom door is exactly the same as the bathroom one.
Next, I go in the kitchen to let the dogs out and Kaitlyn runs to the fridge wanting to feed the dogs. I told her it was not time yet, lets get dressed first then we will feed the dogs. She started crying... I walked away and went to get dressed. I cannot handle tantrums that early in the morning. Soon enough she came in the bedroom looking for me once she figured out that nobody was listening to her cry.
It was time for Kaitlyn to get dressed. I let her pick her top today, she got a kick out of that. Then when I put her up on the changing table to get her dressed the crying started again. I was getting frustrated and asked her why she was crying. This was met with more crying so I thought I would tell her how cute she was and give her a kiss. The kiss only led to even more crying. I hurried up to get her dressed. Once she was dressed I sat on her bed for a second. She walked up to me crying and snuggled while crying for about 5 min.
I have no idea what the problem was. I swear she cried from the moment she woke up till we walked out the door. And by that time I was highly irritable and ready to snap.
I park my car in the garage, it fits, but there is a ton of random stuff all around it... One item in particular drives me insane, the damn car jack. It is in my way, it is in Kaitlyn's way. Every single time we are trying to get in the car she trips over it, I knock the handle down, I kick it... One day I moved it out of the way. It was wonderful! I could freely walk around the car and not trip on anything, not have a handle in my way. That lasted for about two days then magically it reappeared in the same damn spot again. URG!!!!
Remember I was highly irritated already this morning. Well that damn car jack was in my way again. While trying to maneuver getting my purse, snacks, backpack, and diaper bag in the car with Kaitlyn standing in my way every move I made the damn car jack got in my way again. This time the handle had me stuck with my back pack and diaper bag between the car door and Kaitlyn. The car door semi closed onto Kaitlyn's head in the process of me getting unstuck, luckily it did not hurt her and she did not even cry. Seriously that car jack is going to get picked up and launched into the street one day (sorry David). Why does it have to be right there? WHY??????

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