Monday, September 10, 2012

Liana's Bat-Mitzvah

We were invited to my Bosses daughter, Liana's, Bat-Mitzvah this weekend. I have never been to one before so I wanted to go check it out.
The Temple was beautiful, the ceremony was long. David even wore a kippah during the ceremony since my boss told him he had to in order to enter the temple (this was a lie but I will keep my lips closed). Liana did excellent. Through out the ceremony they sing passages from the Torah. Here is the short short version: There was an hour long per-ceremony before the "good stuff" took place. This is the main part of the ceremony: they opened the ark in which the Torah scrolls are kept, took one out and placed it on Liana's shoulder, she made a pass around the temple holding it, then sang some passages, then put the scrolls back.
There was a luncheon held afterwords that we had to miss so we could pick Kaitlyn up. I am kinda bummed about that but after a 2 1/2 hour ceremony I was ready to get out of there anyways.
Later that night was the after party. A dinner cruse/party. It was a blast. I need to get some of the pictures from David so I can post them. I only have a few goofy ones on my phone. The theme was casting party, there were mock movie posters up around the boat staring Liana and fun flower centerpieces that looked like popcorn and movie film. As we walked onto the boat we were handed some funny sunglasses:
Later in the night was black light party and dancing, we were given glow necklaces, finger lights, white gloves, and some flashing sunglasses.
Overall it was a very fun party and I was so worried about being cold... It was so freaking hot since the boat was enclosed in glass! I was drenched in sweat by the end of the night.
Here are some other pics from the night:

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