Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cash Gifts

While I am not the only one to admit I absolutely love getting cash as a gift now that I am older; I do have to say the strings attached to it kind of suck. What I mean is when a dear family member gives you cash then tells you "this is so you and David can go out to dinner" or "Make sure you get yourself something special".  Why does there have to be a specific reason to give a person cash? Can't a cash gift be given and received without expectations on where it will be used? The absolute best part of all of this is when the giver calls the recipient and asks them if they used the cash for dinner or something special yet. I am not one to lie but I might have to start strengthening that skill. The guilt I feel when, lets say, my dad calls and asks about the dinner David and I were suppose to use my cash gift on. When I tell him we have not gone yet, the truth, and leave out the part where I actually used the cash to buy Kaitlyn something for her birthday. The disappointment in his voice says it all, "well make sure you guys get a chance to go out, some place special'.

Now let me explain why I love getting cash as a gift. Cash is amazing, it can become anything you want it to become; a nice dinner, new underwear, electricity, water... what ever you want within reason.

Here is what actually happens when I get cash, it goes directly in the money hole with the rest of the cash I have on hand. Once in the hole it is used to pay bills, buy gas, buy food, or what ever else happens to be needed at the time. Most of the time when I am given a cash gift there is nothing in particular that I want for myself. So why should I have to spend it on a nice dinner when I have a large credit card bill that I want to pay off? Why do I have to be obligated to spend it on something frivolous when there is something more important or needed at the time?

Here is my unsolicited advice to you:
**When giving cash as a gift never say this is for such and such. It makes the receiver feel crappy when they have to spend the cash on necessities. Never call the recipient and ask if they used the cash yet or what they used it on.
**When receiving cash as a gift always say that you used it for such and such when asked (if it was supposed to be use for something specific). Learn how to lie and say how nice such and such was then thank the person who gave you the wonderful gift and be done with it.

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