Wednesday, September 5, 2012

job burn out

Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE my job? This is not the field for me. When I decided to go the accounting rout I figured I would be playing with numbers all day instead I am the go to person for every stupid little thing that comes up. Insurance too high? Ask Christina to get a quote worked out. Such and such is getting married? Have Christina order them a gift even though she has no idea who they are. Light bulb out in the mans bathroom? Call Christina to get it fixed. You were not paid overtime? Go talk to Christina. Toilet is clogged, better tell Christina! All general office complaints come to me, heck I even order the office supplies.
Last time I checked the accountant does not handle any of this shit. That is the job of the office manager. I am in no means an office manager. I have NO employees under me and I make way less than any other "manager" in the company, I am talking HALF as much. Not that I feel I need to make more to do all this shit, I just don't want to do it period.
Give somebody else a raise and change their title to office manager so I can sit back and play with my numbers please.
I hope I like teaching, I know there is a lot of prep work I am fine with that.

I guess it does not help that I had a crappy start to my day.

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