Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why would you tell me that?

The other day I went out to lunch with a coworker of mine. A really nice lady to hang out with. I cannot remember how the conversation started but I said something about how I use to like the movie Train Spotting before I had my daughter. I saw it again after I had my daughter and did not remember there was a part where a baby dies in the movie. It was a big mistake for me to watch that part of the movie since now I cannot get that part out of my mind. It greatly affected me now that I have a child. Before having Kaitlyn I was able to see stuff like that and disconnect from what happened. Now days I am completely connected and for some reason I feel the pain as if I was the child's mother.
Notice I did not say what specifically happened in the movie, rather talked about how hard it hits me now when I see stuff like that.
Well, my lovely coworker decided to share an experience she had watching a video where a child died. She does not have a child of her own but she is very sensitive and loves children as deeply as a person can for not having one. Instead of focusing on how it affected her she went into great detail every aspect of the video. This also was not a movie, it is something that was caught on tape in real life. I did not say one word while she gave me graphic details of how the two year old little girl died. Horrific to say the least.
Now I cannot get that out of my head. It keeps coming back to haunt me just like Train Spotting does. I did not even watch the video and yet I still hurt for that little girl.

PSA: Please do not ever feel it is OK to tell somebody graphic details about something that is similar in any way to what they just said really upsets them.

That is all!

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