Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July 2012

We had a great forth of July this year. Kaitlyn and I met up with Christina, Katherine, and Joe at the RPV annual 4th celebration at 11am. We walked around, visited the petting zoo, ate the best pizza I ever had, and rocked out to some patriotic music. Over all it was a great time even though we did not do much while we were there and only stayed a short time.
We arrived at 11am to make sure we could get a parking space. Little did I know we would be parking in soft dirt. For the car that was not a problem, it was a problem for strollers... I parked and put Kaitlyn in her stroller and had to pull her backwards (like you do at the beach) to get her around. Not that bad if the parking was really close to the park but it was not. Luckily a nice gentleman helped me about halfway there. He picked up the front of the stroller and I carried the back. Right when we made it to firm ground I saw Christina pull up so Kaitlin and I waited for her and watched the helicopters take off. Poor Christina has a double stroller that she had to drag backwards through that soft dirt and she parked even farther away than I did.
We all made it out of the parking lot and headed over to the booths. There was not really a whole lot to look at. We cruzed over to the kiddy area first. They had a couple rides, two huge slides, a bounce house and a blow up obstacle course thing. Nothing that our small kids could participate in by themselves so we headed over to the petting zoo.
The petting zoo was a nice size and was filled with animals, all of which were just as tall or taller than our kids. Right when we got inside I saw a little girl get trampled by a huge sheep. This really freaked me out so I ended up keeping Kaitlyn right by my side. Kaitlyn was not interested in the goats that kept coming up to her and sticking their nose right in her face (freaked me out too). I ended up spotting some pigs and bunnies that we could check out. I got Kaitlyn to pet the pigs and bunnies after some coaching. She was much happier being held by me looking down at the animals. I don't blame her!
After the petting zoo we headed over to the food tents and ended up getting some pizza. Rosemary, red grape, prosciutto pizza to be exact. It was the best pizza I had ever eaten. Kaitlyn was not interested in eating, she just wanted to dance:
I wish we would have remembered the name of that pizza place, I would love to go to their actual location for dinner every now and again.
By the time we were done eating and dancing it was already way past nap time so we decided to call it a day. BUT right as we were getting ready to leave we spotted this famous lady and had to take a picture with her:

Kaitlyn was amazed at how tall she was and was a little turned off by her at first but by the time we were leaving she gave lady liberty a high five.
After that we left to fight the parking lot dirt again so we could go home and take a nap.

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