Tuesday, July 10, 2012

5 more weeks

5 more weeks of summer school hell. I cannot wait for summer school to be over with! I miss Kaitlyn. I have been relatively OK with everything up to now. I am past the half way point, the end is near.
I absolutely hate Tuesdays... This is a mandatory class which we did not pay for and will not get credit for.  It is suppose to be a lesson planning class but we have yet to make a lesson plan. And even after we do make a lesson plan the chance that we will use it in our actual class is highly unlikely. Another downer to it is that 3 of our assignments in our other classes rely on the lesson plans from this stupid non existent class... I am so tempted to not show up but the director of the program might kick me out for not attending. SO LAME. As a class we have voiced our concerns with him multiple times with no resulting outcome. Oh well - 5 more weeks of this crap!
Now if only I can find a teaching job. That would be one less stress and at the same time add 100 more stresses  LOL!  I so cannot take my current job anymore. I am so miserable.

On another note, we converted Kaitlyn's bed to a toddler bed today. This should be interesting:
Too bad I will not be home to experience the first night of putting her to bed in toddler bed. I hope it goes smoothly.

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