Thursday, April 19, 2012

First Dentist Visit

Kaitlyn had her first dentist visit yesterday. I love the office and the location is perfect, right down the street from our house. When we walked in they had a white board that said Welcome Kaitlyn - very cute. The dentist was trying to get Kaitlyn interested in her but she was acting shy. I let her draw a happy face on Kaitlyn's hand, that seemed to work. All that was done was a count of the teeth that are in or just about to pop in, a cleaning with a standard tooth brush and a fluoride treatment. She went over how to properly brush Kaitlyn's teeth and what to look for in regards to cavities. I held Kaitlyn in my lap and laid her back onto the dentists lap while this was going on. She did not scream but was very scared. I held her hands and she whined the whole time but overall she did great. Weird thing - the dentist makes the kids take of their shoes before going into the exam room. I don't understand why because she did not make me take off my shoes and she left her shoes on as well.
After her appointment Kaitlyn got two stickers, one that said something about being cavity free and the other was to remind me that she had a fluoride treatment and could not eat or drink for 30 min. She also got to pick out a toy, she picked the smallest ball looking thing. I will have to hold on to that one for a while... or watch her very closely with it. She got to keep the tooth brush used to clean her teeth too.

Her next appointment is in 6 months  :)

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