Monday, April 9, 2012

Action Packed Weekend

We had a very busy weekend.
Saturday morning our new neighbors across the street invited us to an egg hunt. I am always game to attend any events hosted by our neighbors. I love getting to know them and wish I had more time to hang out with them. We have a wonderful group on families on our street.
At 11am we headed over there. Kaitlyn got to decorate her own bag to put her eggs in. She had a great time playing with the markers (I only have crayons for her). There were about 7 families total that showed up. After decorating her bag she got to play with some of her new friends. She kept going back and forth from playing with the kids to wanting to color some more. She takes after me in that aspect. I have always loved art! The egg hunt started at about 11:45am. Kaitlyn did very well for her first egg hunt. She picked up about 10 eggs and put them in her bag. Then she pulled them out of her bag one at a time and put them back. There was an older girl with her little sister, who was about the same age as Kaitlyn, standing right there swooping the eggs up as she put them back. So at the end of the hunt she left with 3 eggs. Unexpectedly they neighbors had lunch for us all as well. That was a great surprise. We ate some lunch then headed home for a nice nap.

After Kaitlyn's nap we had to dress up again so she could look cute for her little cousin's first birthday party. We got over there about 3:30pm to find a toddler sized bounce house, a small ball pit, a petting zoo, and a hamburger truck. Not a lot of people had shown up yet so we headed over to the petting zoo. Kaitlin loved the little fluffy white chicken and she is very good about petting gently with an open hand. At a certain moment we spent about an hour inside the house playing with the doll stroller. One day Kaitlyn will get a doll stroller of her own, for now the shopping cart she got for Christmas is doing the job just fine. The rest of the day was spent talking to family members who we have not seen in over a year and bouncing in the bounce house. We did not get home till 7:30pm. It was a very long day but worth it. All of us had so much fun!

Sunday = Easter!
This year Easter was hosted by us since David's brother just had a huge 1st birthday party at his house the day before and Grandma's kitchen just got demolished a couple days before (remodeling). Grandpa Keith even drove down for the day.
First thing in the morning when Kaitlyn woke up I took her to the living room to see what the Easter Bunny brought for her. When she saw the baskets on the coffee table she let out a gasp of joy. It was so funny. I think her favorite toy from the baskets is the play cell phone.

After her nap everybody started to show up. We all went out side where Kaitlyn's new water table was set up and ready to go (thanks Grandpa Keith). It was a big hit! All the kids (Katherine, Kaitlyn, and Joe) played on the swing set for a while so I could get the eggs out and "hide" them. Joe crawled right over to some eggs opened them up and ate the goodies inside. Katherine walked around picking up eggs like a pro. Kaitlyn picked up one egg at a time, she had to eat the goodies inside before moving on to the next egg. Goodies = puffs and a couple Reese's Pieces. All in all it was a fun egg hunt. Then it was off to play in the back yard again till dinner was ready. Thanks to my wonderful husband, I got to stay out side and play with everybody, he cooked everything. I even went in to see if he wanted help and he told me "NO". We had a delicious deep fried turkey with mashed potatoes, green beans, asparagus, and a killer salad. Everybody ended up leaving the house around 7pm.

It was an exhausting weekend but I would do it all over again in a heart beat. It was so much fun.

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