Thursday, June 7, 2012

Third times a charm?

Next round of the CSET will be taken on July 14th. I really need to figure out how I am going to effectively study this time around.
Little break down of how I did.
First time I did great on the Algebra multiple choice and bombed the constructed response. Geo bombed both sections.
Second time I did great on the Algebra constructed response and some how bombed the multiple choice. How the heck does that even happen. I think I might have rushed through it. I actually got full points on two of the constructed response, partial points on one and no points on the last. Geo bombed both sections - but again I knew it would happen this time because I did not even really try, just took that section so my school program admin would see I was trying.
This time around I am going to slow down, I think I will start with the constructed response again then work on the multiple choice. That seemed to help me manage my time better.
I took two days off last time which really helped me master the algebra questions I was given to review. I would like to take at least three days of this time, better would be four. The problems I have with this are:
1) I don't have that much vacation time available right now. I think I have enough for one day off...
2) It is very hard for me to miss more than two days of work, the amount of catch up required from just two days is killer.
3) I already have to miss another two weeks (half days) of work for observation hours and with only one day available to use I will either have to take time off without pay or beg to have an advance on my vacation hours.
I am pretty sure my boss will grant me an advance on my vacation hours and I think he will be OK with the half days off as long as they are scheduled around my busy time. Maybe I can take half days to study for the test as well? The only problem with any of this is the test date. It is the Saturday after my busy time at work so it will be hard for me to take time off or even half days that week.
WOW - I need to come up with a plan quickly.
I could study every Sunday during Kaitlyn's nap, Saturdays are out because I am at school till about the time she wakes up. Nights I am saving to do homework for school.
If you come up with any ideas let me know.
Looks like for the next month I will have no free time or ME time. No naps, no decompressing after a long day.

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