Monday, June 18, 2012

Fathers Day

Kaitlyn and I got David the coolest Fathers Day present ever. It is a 30 min flying lesson with and additional hour of flying time. Ya we rock!
Fathers Day was so much fun. It was suppose to be 80 degrees so I set up Kaitlyn's water table during her nap time so we could play with it when she woke up. She took a longer nap than usual, by the time we went outside it was already 3:30. She was decked out in her cute bikini that she got for her 1st birthday. I was a little bummed because it did not feel like 80 degrees with the sea breeze we get at that time of day but Kaitlyn did not seem to be bothered by it so I went ahead and let her get wet.
At about 4pm David came outside to water the veggie garden and the dry spots in the grass. He kept saying he wanted to squirt Kaitlyn with the hose I and kept telling him NO! Well out of the blue Kaitlyn ran up to him and jumped in front of the hose. LOL. For the next 20 min she chased David around trying to get sprayed by the hose. She had such a great time and BONUS, I had the video camera outside with me and got the entire thing on video. So glad I made myself drag out the camera and video camera. I will enjoy watching that video over and over again.

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