Monday, June 11, 2012

I feel so bad

So this weekend we all went to Michele's 3rd birthday party. Kaitlyn was dressed so cute and I kind of did her hair but forgot to take a cute picture. The only picture I took was in the car on the way to the party:
You cannot even see how cut her hair is. Oh well, maybe next time I will remember to take pics.
She had a blast in the jump house. There were two little ones there, she wanted so badly to go in the one that all the older kids were in. David and I would not let her, she was only able to go in the smaller one with the little kids. I think the problem was that hardly any little kids would go in there with her. She wanted a jump buddy.
At any rate the party was fun and we went home with a live fish as a party favor. Kaitlyn is really into feeding the dog lately so I figured the fish would be one more animal for her to feed. David wanted to flush it right when we got home but I set it up in the living room. Kaitlyn points at it and says fish. She has a hard time getting the food in the bowl but we are working on it.

Sunday we hung out around the house and played outside. This is what I keep dwelling on and it is making me sad. The slide area of her swing set was getting covered in spider webs, I absolutely HATE spiders so it was freaking me out. I got a broom and cleaned all the spiderwebs up then got the bug spray and soaked the thing down. There were so many spiders coming out of the cracks, it was so nasty. I started getting all itchy just seeing them.
Well the job was done and I noticed that her snack cup was up at the top of the slide, gross! I grabbed it and tossed the cookies out on the side of the shed where we have a pile of crap accumulated. I figured Kaitlyn and the dogs could not get to them in there... Well a little while later I heard a bunch of noise coming from that pile of crap. I looked closely and saw this:
Looked a little closer and saw Jack on top of the pile of crap trying to get to the cookies I tossed out:
Stupid, dumb, clever, dog. Gosh I hate my dogs lately...
Kaitlyn saw that it was Jack and started trying to get to him to "save" him. I was in the middle of picking everything up so my hand were full. I ran over to her and with my one free hand grabbed hers to walk her away from the spiders den of crap. Instead of going with my lead she went limp so I basically dragged her out of there by one arm. She was screaming, of coarse.
Doesn't sound that bad right? Well the more I think about it the sadder I get. Her poor little arm. Imagine you getting yanked up by the arm and dragged out of some place. I am sure it would hurt. WTF was I thinking. Why didn't I throw everything down on the grass before I went to her? (well I can answer that one, normally she follows my lead, she has never done the limp move up to that point.)
I did not even think twice about it yesterday but today at work it is all I can think of and it is bringing me to tears.  :(
I promise I will try my hardest to never do that again unless there is life threatening danger involved. (FYI to me the spider den was life threatening danger but you know what I mean.)

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