Monday, March 26, 2012

Great Saturday

Kaitlyn and I had a great Saturday. We started off our day at Kaitlyn's aunt Christina's house to play with her cousins and go to the park. It was drizzling when we got there so the park plans fizzled out. Everybody got along and played together so well. Grandma Pam and Great Grandma came over for a visit so Kaitlyn showed off her talking skills. Once I get her to say Rayray she keeps going  LOL. If she does not say Rayray she refused to speak a word. After the grandmas left we headed home for a nice nap.
The sun started coming out and I figured it would be a great day to play in the back yard. After Kaitlyn woke up we headed outside for a short ride in her car then went out back to play. We kicked a ball, ran around the yard like maniacs, rolled around in the grass, went swinging and sliding down the slide. Kaitlyn climbed up to the slide all by herself. I was wiping the bird poo off the slide to get ready to use it when all of a sudden Kaitlyn was standing at the top of the slide. Normally I help her up since she cannot climb the latter yet and the ramp in the back is rather steep with only rope as handrails. After helping her slide down the first time I watched her run to the back and climb up again. She is using the gaps between the slats of the ramp as a ladder of sorts.
We ate dinner and went back out side for another half hour or so to take advantage of the beautiful day. Good thing we played out side so much on Saturday... Sunday it rained all day long.

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