Tuesday, August 21, 2012

little bits

School starts up again on Monday. For some reason I am so not looking forward to it. I want to be done already. I know this semester is going to be easier than the last but I am still stressing about it for some reason. Once it starts up I will be fine and adjust. I think it is the fear of the unknown that is getting me right now.

Kaitlyn has been skipping naps when she is home on the weekend lately. I don't get it, she looks tired when I put her down but then she just talks and plays in her room for a couple hours. I need her to continue taking naps for at least the next year. I need that time to do homework. She is also fighting bedtime a lot lately. Hopefully it is a faze that will pass soon.

Work has settled down a little bit. I have a bank audit coming up the first week of September and after that I can finally pack the 2011 files away and have my office back ... till January when I pack up the 2012 files LOL.

I have gotten over the not having a teaching job right now part of my life, this has helped me with my current job. I have relaxed a bit and am less high strung. I think not being in school for the past week and a half has helped that as well.

Kaitlyn's toenails are impossible to cut now days. She will not let me even touch her little toes. I am getting frustrated over that entire thing! What happened to make her freak out about getting her toenails cut? It has  been a slow progression that I had been trying to nip in the butt from the beginning but nothing helped. Distractions are not working anymore, not even the IPad or IPhone. I just tried to cut them while she was sleeping as a last resort but that was a total failure as well. Maybe not a total failure since I did manage to cut all the nails on one of her feet except that damn little pinky toe before she woke up. Then she was screaming because I left the room...  Boy I give up on that one. I am just going to let them grow I guess.

Another foot issue, last week Kaitlyn had something sticking out of her heal. I tried to pull it out but she would not let me. I felt so bad holding her foot down but at the same time I could not get a grip on the thing with the tweezers while holding her foot down. I tried tape to lift it out, I tried a hot bath... nothing worked. I ended up putting neosporin on it and a band-aid when she went to bed so I could think about what my next move would be. I scoured the internet for a solution. Then I figured I would just try to pull it out after she had been asleep for a while. It worked! I pulled out a cactus needle a little longer than a quarter of an inch long. It was strait in her heal, not sideways at all. I don't know how she walked around with that thing in there. At any rate that whole incident was very traumatic for me. I was in panic mode. Luckily it came to a happy ending.

Planing for the big 2nd birthday party has been underway. I figure I should do as much as I can before school starts back up. One less stress to deal with. I am pretty happy with the way things are coming together. It is Minnie Mouse theme this year or as Kaitlyn likes to call her "MaaMaa". I am skipping the fancy plates, cups and stuff. Sticking with plain white plates, clear utensils, some clear pink cups that are left over from my baby shower, pink with white dot napkins (but only one small pack, once they are gone plain white costoco napkins will be used), I got three bunches of Minnie Mouse Mylar balloons and a pack of pink with white dot rubber balloons.  One road block is that there is a helium shortage right now so filling up the mass amounts of balloons I bought might become a problem. We will see. I have found some ideas for using them without helium but it is such a waist because helium quality balloons are so dang expensive! This year we will have cupcakes with mouse ears instead of a big cake. It will also be a smaller affair, I cut the guest list way down. No neighbors this year (except for little Alex across the street and his mom and dad). No old time friends that we have not seen since Kaitlyn's last birthday. Just family and some of our close friends that have kiddos about the same age as our kiddo.

I got my paperwork proving I passed the Algebra CSET in the mail the other day. I think I should frame it.

Tomorrow is my birthday, I will be 35. That is all I have to say about that.

I think that is just about everything that has happened in the past few weeks. Besides me being exhausted and not wanting to do anything at all...

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